Client Post – Blog Highlighting Client’s Handwritten Letter Services

Project Description: My client wanted to attract customers through organic reach, and they wanted to rank well on search engines so their target audience could find them via a web search. I was hired to create a batch of articles monthly to both populate their company’s blog and provide their target audience with useful and informative content. The focus for this blog post was to highlight their yellow sticky notes service.

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Title: Creative ways to promote your products and services to new customers

By: Samantha Greaves

To stay fresh in the minds of new customers, business owners must think outside of the box. 

Using creative promotional techniques is the perfect way to attract new customers and to encourage them to learn more about your products or services.

Are you interested in using creative strategies in your next campaign to attract new clients?

The below four tips will help you get started.

Offer a Free Service Trial or Product Samples

Consumers love freebies. Trying something risk-free is ideal for many new customers unfamiliar with certain brands. 

And if the free product or service works for them, they’ll be eager to make a purchase.

A great way to get creative with your offer is to send a handwritten letter introducing your product or service. Doing this will also familiarize new customers with your brand.

In your handwritten letter, be sure to address the recipient by their name and as “you” to keep them engaged. Also, include a phone number for them to contact you so that they can request samples or receive a free trial. 

They’ll find your approach personable and will feel inclined to act on your free offer.

Send Exclusive Savings Certificates

Everyone likes a good deal, and savings certificates like coupons are a great way to get new customers.

Make sure that your coupons are exclusive to new customers and are available for a limited time.

You want your customer to act now instead of later and you want them to feel as if the deal is just for them.

Get creative and send your coupons along with a handwritten card welcoming new customers and providing additional information (like a contact phone number or direct link on your website) where they can go to make a purchase.

Offer New Customer Incentives

New customer incentives are perfect for business owners looking to increase their client lists and encourage customer loyalty.

Incentives can include discounts on products or services, free options like free shipping on first purchases, or even money-back guarantees.

As with free trials, new customer incentives give new customers the comfort of trying a product or service risk-free.

A creative option when informing new customers of an incentive is by using yellow sticky notes to deliver your message. A custom yellow sticky note will grab their attention (given the perception of sticky notes to hold important notes and reminders) and will brighten up an otherwise ordinary communication.

Host a Product Giveaway

Product giveaways work in two ways: 

  1. They allow you to introduce products and services to new clients and 
  2. They double as promotional campaigns. So even if giveaway participants don’t win, they’ll still be interested in making a purchase.

Invite new customers to enter a giveaway in your handwritten letter’s “P.S.” section.

You can also use a yellow sticky note which you can attach on the outside of a hand-addressed envelope.

The yellow sticky note on the outside envelope can double as teaser copy to encourage new customers to open your envelope to read more about what you are offering.

Are you looking for a way to get creative with how you promote your products or services to new customers? 

Letter Friend can help. Our staff of writers can create original handwritten marketing materials that will turn your new customers into brand advocates.

To get started, fill out our Custom Quote and we will reach out to you to work directly with you today.