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A content marketing strategy to a business is like a GPS to a car. While you may find your way to an unfamiliar place without the help of your GPS, getting there is a lot easier when using one.

A content strategy is like a guide to creating content for your audience with the goal of building engagement, trust, and, inevitably, driving sales. I do this through developing well thought-out content, created with your customer’s buying journey in mind. An issue business owners face is creating content that isn’t engaging enough. And because of this, they believe creating content for their business website is difficult or impossible. If your content isn’t getting you the results you’re looking for, you need a new strategy.

Here are useful stats you need to know!

According to The Content Marketing Institute:

76% of B2C respondents are using content marketing.

44% of business owners say they have a content marketing strategy, but it’s undocumented.

12% of business owners say they don’t have a content marketing strategy at all.

Without a documented content marketing strategy, you’re just throwing ideas against the wall, hoping it’ll stick. A solid content strategy will give your content definitive purpose and influence effectiveness. You’ll know the right content to write that will get your customers’ attention, get them to act, and will encourage them to become brand advocates by spreading the word about your products/services through word-of-mouth and sharing your content via social media.

Here’s a peek at what your content marketing strategy will include:

  • An Aim – a clear idea of what you want your content to do for your customer.
  • Your Goals – do you want to increase sales? Social media followers? Newsletter subscribers? Your goals are important in determining the content you’ll want to create for customers to get you closer to achieving your business goals.
  • A Strategy – the topics you’ll present to readers, your call to actions, and a measuring plan to measure how well your content is performing. This will give insight on the content you’ll need to produce and which one’s need to be retired.

These are just a handful of areas covered in a content marketing plan. With your content marketing plan, you’ll have a clear idea of the consistent content you’ll need to produce – content that will build your business and get your customers’ attention every time.


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