Writing Samples & Specs

As a New York-based freelance writer with over a decade of freelance writing experience, I have written a lot of content for many websites remotely. The content I have created ranged from articles covering music events and red carpets to posts created to help my freelance clients sell products or services or to help populate their couponing websites with useful content for their visitors.

While the purpose for each client has varied, their reasoning for needing a freelance writer to create content all was the same – they had company goals and they needed content to assist with achieving those goals.

I’ve included just a few samples of those articles that I am posting in its entirety for you to read. If you are a potential client, interested in seeing what I can do for your brand, these articles and blog posts will illustrate my range of writing perfectly. Click the links below to read those samples.

Writing Samples

Client Blog Post – Lifestyle/Home

Client Article – Travel/New York

Client Blog – Article Highlighting Client’s Beauty Coaching Services

Client Blog – Blog Highlighting Client’s Handwritten Letter Services

Client Blog – Blog Highlighting Client’s Vintage Engagement Rings